Health Portal Instructions

Health Portal

Each Sugarloaf Medical patient is given access to a secure patient portal called the Patient Portal. The Patient Portal is designed to improve communication between our physicians and patients. The Patient Portal can be accessed through a direct link we can send patients by email or through links on the Sugarloaf Medical website. The Patient Portal is also available via the “Healow” application. You can also download the Healow application from the “app store” on your smart phone for mobile use. Once you have registered as a patient and provided Sugarloaf Medical with your email address, you will be assigned a username and password for the Patient Portal. Once you have a username and password you can use the Patient Portal for a variety of helpful tools.

With Patient Portal, you can:

• View laboratory & diagnostic test results.
• View your medical records
• View current and past statements & pay your bills online
• View past and future appointments
• Request and reschedule appointments
• Request prescription refills
• Receive appointment & health maintenance reminders
• Communicate with clinical staff and physicians
• Update your contact information

o The Electronic Portal is only checked during regular business hours from Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Portal is not checked on weekends, holidays or after hours.
o Please allow 3 business days to respond to your communications and requests. If you have not received an answer from us, it is your responsibility to contact our office by phone or in person with your request.
o Schedule an appointment by calling the office or request an appointment through patient portal.

Although the Sugarloaf Electronic Portal is configured to be secure from unauthorized access, Sugarloaf Medical is not responsible for security breaches. Please take all reasonable measures to avoid any security breaches, including, but not limited to, the security of all electronic communication transmissions between the patient and Sugarloaf Medical, unauthorized disclosures caused in whole or in part from personal computer settings or installed software products that may compromise information security, or other events.

When we communicate with you through the Portal, we will send you an email to alert you that we have posted an update or message for you on the Portal. You then access the secure Portal using your user name and password to access your protected health information that we posted for you on the Portal.

The Patient Portal communication will be used only for limited purposes. It is an additional method of communication and will not replace other methods of communications with our office. IT CANNOT BE USED FOR EMERGENCIES OR TIME SENSITIVE MATTERS. It should be used with caution.