Annual Preventive Visits / Physicals Codes

The Annual Preventive Visits / Physicals are often allowed by insurers once per calendar year. Some plans however may require Annual Preventive Visits / Physicals take place at least one year from the last physical. Annual Preventive Visits / Physicals are normally covered by most plans. Please check with your insurance if it is covered.

CPT codes for Annual Preventive Visits are often covered one hundred percent by a patient’s insurance carrier. Other associated preventive diagnostic testing (laboratory and ECG) and additional non-preventive services performed (such as management of chronic disease) may not be covered one hundred percent, and co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, and/or other payments may apply.

New Patient Established Patient Age Description
99385 99395 18 – 39 Years of Age age and gender appropriate history
risk factor reduction interventions
ordering appropriate immunizations, lab and diagnostic procedures
99386 99396 40 – 64 Years of Age
99387 99396 65 Years of Age & Older