Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Results Reporting

  • Patients will receive an email notifying them that lab or test results information is available. You may access and review your lab and test results and their explanations via your provider or using the Patient Portal.
  • Sensitive labs and abnormal results may not be released on the Patient Portal and will require a follow-up visit.
  • If the information supplied is not clear to you, please communicate with your provider directly through the Patient Portal, contact our office, or book a follow-up appointment with your provider.
  • It is your responsibility to follow up with your physician’s recommendations on these results, such as changes in treatment plan, further work-up requested or follow up Follow up visits are recommended after your first Annual Preventive Visit / Physical and for new patients receiving diagnostic testing. Please note that the follow-up visit is not considered part of the Annual Preventative Visit/ Physical for insurance coverage so extra charges may apply depending on your particular health insurance plan.
  • To avoid unnecessary duplications of testing, please keep a copy of your labs and bring them to your other physicians/consultants’ appointments for their review and information.